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Recruiter Tabling Policies and Pricing

Setting up a table in a high traffic location such as the Student Union Lobby is a great way to raise brand awareness and reach students about your companies job and internship opportunities. Since recruiter tables are setup where students already are, they allow you to interact with more students over a longer period of time than a traditional company information session. Please review the following policies before requesting a table or coming to campus. These policies only pertain to companies requesting UCS to schedule events in the Student Union. Different departments will have their own policies that are not covered by the UCS policy.

Tabling Reservation Policies:

  • All tabling reservations should be made via Handshake.
  • Reservations must be made at least 14 business days before you plan to be on campus, and no more than 30 days in advance.
  • Organizations are limited to two tabling activities per month in Hanes Hall or the Student Union, as space allows.
  • Tabling is available during the fall and spring semesters only.
  • Employers participating in tabling scheduled through UCS will have to commit to our four student connection modalities: 1) Face-to-Face at the event, 2) 15-minute Virtual Chat Tool on Handshake Job Postings, 3) Direct Messaging Tool on Handshake Job Postings, and 4) Applications to Handshake Job Postings.

Additional Policies:

  • No more than two members of your organization may be present at a table.
  • The time block for tabling is 9 am-12 pm OR 1-5 pm.
  • You may not move or change the location of the table, nor block walkways in any way. 
  • Catering can be ordered if you wish to have food present when tabling.
    • You are responsible for all catering fees and charges.
    • We suggest “grab and go” items like cookies, snacks, bagged or wrapped items, etc.

Fees for Tabling in the Student Union (9 am-12 pm or 1-5 pm):

Standard rate: $100 (for-profit organizations) or $85 (non-profit/governmental/educational organizations). 

  • Includes the following benefits: 1) complementary tools that Handshake provides for employers to promote their events based on their Handshake account type, 2) listing on in-house video monitors if flyer is provided.

Premium rate: $200 (for-profit organizations) or $150 (non-profit/governmental/educational organizations). 

  • Includes the following benefits: 1) One promotion in the UCS bi-weekly Handshake Newsletter, 2) One week promotion on UCS webpages, 3) Resume Book of registered students, and 4) all of the Standard rate benefits.

Table Cancellation/No Show Policy:

Requires that an organization provide University Career Services with at least 48 hours advance notice of cancellation. If sufficient time is not given, and the organization is a “no show,” a $25.00 cancellation fee may be assessed to your organization.  The fee must be paid prior to returning to campus for other recruitment events.  No-shows or cancellations count towards the two-visit limit per month.

Reserve a Table:

To reserve a table, please login into your Handshake account or create a new one:

  • Click on “Request an Event”.
  • Under “Event Name” be sure to include “Table” in the name (example: “Recruitment Information Table with Company X”).
  • Under “Contact” select Julie Pendergraph.
  • Under “Type” select Employer On-site.
  • Enter the tabling “Start and End Dates” with the times 1pm to 5pm Eastern Time.
  • Enter “tabling” in the description field and specify “Hanes Hall” or “Student Union” and we can help you to choose an appropriate location.
  • If you are interested in additional or alternative locations, then put those Department or location names in the description box and we will connect you with the appropriate person who handles that reservation process.

Once requested, we will do our best to accommodate your date and location requests.

Tips for Successful Tabling:

Given the myriad activities competing for the attention of today’s college students, employers should develop “grab and go” collateral to give to students as they engage with you. Recruiters won’t have time to give the standard info session presentation or pitch about their company at a tabling event. There could be any number of students passing by and stopping at your table at any given time so brevity and repeatability are key. Ultimately, you just want students to have the key information they need to take the next steps in applying to your job postings, or referring friends in their network to do so. Thus, we suggest you consider the following tips to maximize your employer brand, visibility, and connection with potential student recruits.

  • Put a QR code on all your collateral that links back to a 60-90 second video of your workplace and career advantages for college students.
  • Make sure your collateral is poster card size and contains images of diverse employees on the front and back along with info on jobs and benefits.
  • Make sure that your messaging on the cards and in conversation states that your organization considers all academic majors.
  • Include the direct contact information (email, LinkedIn, etc.) of recruiters who are committed to responding to students.
  • Gamify the “Recruiter Table” by offering students a chance to win cool prizes (money, gift cards, etc.) when they scan the QR code.

Questions about Standard and Premium Services for Recruiter Tabling and tabling strategy in the Student Union should be emailed to the Director of External Relations,

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