Post a Job or Internship

Post a Job or Internship

University Career Services is pleased to offer employers the opportunity to connect with UNC students in online postings via Handshake.  Handshake is a networked platform used for recruiting college students at nearly 400 colleges and universities.  If you are already a Handshake user, simply go to the “schools” option and request access to University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.  If you do not currently have a Handshake account, you will first need to create one before being able to post your opportunity, using the following steps.


Creating a Handshake account:

  1. Go to the Handshake registration page and select the “employer” option.
  2. Complete the form, providing your basic information, then check your inbox for a confirmation email from Handshake.
  3. After confirming your email address, complete your employer profile (if your company already has a profile that was created by another employee in the organization, they may need to approve your connection to that existing account).

Posting your job or internship:

You can post a job or internship that is targeted to UNC students for free.  In order to post and have your position approved by UCS, it must meet the following standards:

  • Your Handshake profile must include complete organization and contact information (organization name, address, organization URL, organization description, contact name, contact email, contact phone number).
  • Your posting must adhere to NACE Principles of Professional Conduct for Employment Professionals.
  • Position(s) cannot be domestic (e.g. Nannies/Babysitter, Private Tutors, Gardeners, Housekeepers, Drivers, etc.).
  • Postings must not charge any fees to students as a condition of employment or participation.

Steps to post your position:

  1. Log into Handshake using the email address and password you previously created.
  2. Select the “post a job” button on the main dashboard or click on the left “jobs” menu and click the “create job” button on the top right of the page.
  3. Complete the form fully, including the basics, position details, screening preferences, and schools to which you want to post the position (be sure to select University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill!).