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The first destination survey aims to gather information from recent graduates regarding their initial post-graduation activities, including employment, further education, or other career-related pursuits. Fill out here!

The Job Location and Development (JLD) Coordinator for UCS fulfills an important access and equity need for UNC Students and serves three primary roles: 1) developing relationships with off-campus employers interested in hiring UNC students for paid jobs (primarily part-time); 2) giving presentations to student groups and increasing participation in meaningful part‐time employment with off-campus employers; and 3) serving as a member of the University Career Services (UCS) external relations team designing strategies to increase employment‐related opportunities for students. In addition, the position is tasked with connecting UNC students with employers who can provide professional part‐time job opportunities to: 1) support students earning potential during their studies; 2) support students attainment of pre-professional jobs/skills aligned with their academic majors and career goals.

Focus Areas

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