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Spring 2024 Career Fairs: Click here!

University Career Services is thrilled to announce the official launch of our Spring 2024 career fairs! Click this link for additional information on the fairs, including event details, registration instructions, special discounts, and more! We look forward to welcoming you to our fairs and facilitating meaningful connections together!

Elyse Molewyk is the Events and Marketing Coordinator at University Career Services. She is responsible for coordinating in-person and virtual career fairs, organizing fee-based marketing services for employers, managing the UCS website, and designing graphics for UCS social media, as well as various other communication-related projects. Elyse enjoys wrangling details into spreadsheets in order to orchestrate events that run smoothly and are beneficial for students and employers alike. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to use her skills to help students blaze their paths in the world.

Elyse grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Wheaton College. In her spare time, she enjoys walking on the beach, spending a ridiculous amount of time in indie bookstores, dabbling in watercolor, and watching Marvel movies. 

Focus Areas

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