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Kelsey Williams is the Interim Associate Director of External Relations, Marketing, and Analytics, in addition to being the Assistant Director of Internships & Experiential Learning at University Career Services. Kelsey builds relationships with internal campus stakeholders across a range of designated College of Arts & Sciences departments, Experiential Education Courses, and Special Student Populations to increase student participation in career-aligned Virtual Work Experiences, Micro-Internships, and Summer Internships. In addition, she leads the in-person UCS Career Trek Program to designated Research Triangle Park (RTP) companies to support our “career experience” initiatives for students.

Kelsey is passionate about helping others discover their purpose and making meaning out of life experiences. Shes lived all over the world, including Pennsylvania, Oregon, France, Spain, California and South Carolina. She loves traveling and getting familiar with new cultures, people, and ways of being. Her true passion is working in the education field and helping students discover their purpose while in school and beyond. She has a bachelor's degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Journalism and Spanish and a master's degree from Clemson University in Counselor's Education. She has work experience in Admissions, Student Affairs, and is now excited to venture into the Career Services space as a leader and liaison to students at UNC Chapel. Her goal is to build relationships with staff and faculty across campus to increase the number of students obtaining experiential learning opportunities and serve as an educator on the importance of out-of-classroom experiences. She has a heart for serving underrepresented populations and enjoy creating opportunities for all students to realize their talents and find success. In her free time, she loves exploring and trying new things - whether it's an activity, food, or city (but especially food). She also enjoys being outdoors, photography, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Kelsey’s Focus Areas

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