Tar Heel Signing Day – Five May 2021 Graduates Who Are UCS Standouts

May 21, 2021

Tar Heel Signing Day is an initiative started by Interim Executive Director Dr. Tierney Bates to highlight graduates who have secured employment or acceptance into graduate school. David Cubrilla, Brynn Garner, Jacynta Smith, Tamiya Troy, and Ashley Young are 2021 graduates who took Dr. Bates's course, EDUC 311 Life-Career Design this semester. The three-credit course examines contemporary research in career development (e.g. happiness, purpose, decision-making, values, experiential learning). We are celebrating these graduates for their exciting career paths they are embarking on after Carolina.

David Cubrilla ‘21 studied Computer Science. He will be a Chief Technology Officer at startup Automate’ and will work in Charlotte as a member of Allstate’s technology rotational program to develop his software engineering career. Through EDUC 311, David says he has “learned about the hidden job market and how to leverage skills and network well.” 

Brynn Garner ‘21 studied Environmental Studies and History. She is a part of the Environmental Science Communication Dual Degree program with the Hussman School of Journalism and Media and working on a MA in Media and Communication. This summer Brynn will be a contractor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service working on storytelling efforts and Public Affairs. “I have been very fortunate that USFWS has offered me a full-time job in Denver and is willing to let me finish my MA degree here in Chapel Hill before I am fully onboarded and move to Colorado,” said Garner. Brynn regards EDUC 311 as one of her “favorite classes here at UNC-CH.” “This class has truly helped me reframe my mindset and now I am designing the life I want to live,” said Garner. 

Jacynta Smith ‘21 studied Political Science and Peace, War, and Defense double and minored in Social and Economic Justice. She will be working for The Ivy Research Council as a Member Experience Associate. “I took EDUC 311, and I have made appointments with UCS to update my LinkedIn as well as prelaw advising. It was a great experience,” said Smith. 

Tamiya Troy ‘21 studied Broadcast Journalism. She will serve as a Legal Analyst for a Fortune Global 500 company before attending law school. “I scheduled a UCS appointment for a mock interview, which ironically ended up being a few hours before my interview. The UCS appointment and EDUC 311 both helped to adequately prepare me for my interview and assisted in me landing the job,” said Troy. 

Ashley Young ‘21 studied Exercise & Sport Science Major minored in Education. She will be pursuing her Master’s in Occupational Therapy this Fall at Tennessee Wesleyan University. Ashley references EDUC 311 as “the most influential class  ever taken.” “Now I have a plan, I know how to interview successfully and be competitive, how to create connections (I learned about LinkedIn and am now very proud of my profile) and understand that I can have multiple professional careers within my life,” said Young.  

First Destination Survey

Congratulations graduates! Remember May 2021 graduates to take our First Destination Survey. Whether you have accepted a job, plan on attending graduate school, or still job searching, please take the survey. All personal information is protected, and results are only shared in aggregate form. Participants will be eligible to win a $250 Amazon gift card (courtesy of Handshake). 

If you are a recent graduate job seeking, meet with our team! May 2021 graduates have full access to our services until May 2022. Graduates can actively search job postings on Handshake and schedule appointments with counselors for pre-graduate and pre-law advising. Appointments focus on the Four Step to Career Success and counselors push to develop your self-marketing skills. This summer, appointments can be scheduled through Handshake (drop-ins are unavailable). Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.  

We come to college to gain knowledge, self-worth, leadership, learning, and more but at the end of the day we all want…. a career

Dr. Tierney Bates.
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