UCS Resume Books are Now Live!

April 2, 2024

Are you still on the hunt for summer 2024 job opportunities? Look no further! The UCS Resume Book offers a fantastic chance for students still seeking internships and full-time jobs to showcase themselves to employers seeking Carolina talent.

Here's how it works: after the deadline, our UCS Employer Relations team will send the resume book to our employer partners who have signed up for this service. These employers then have the opportunity to reach out to students whose resumes match their job descriptions.

To get in on the action, students can use the following links to upload their resumes:

But remember, once the deadline passes, submissions are closed. So, we encourage students to schedule a resume review appointment or utilize the UCS Resume Dropbox service before submitting.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Kelsey Williams at [email protected]. Let's kickstart those career opportunities together!

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