Eligibility Requirements for Student Services

Eligible students are automatically registered with the UCS website and can log in with their ONYEN. After logging in, students can access resources throughout the website.

UCS serves underclassmen, seniors, graduate students and alumni (see Alumni Services below). Services include individual career advising; internship and employment assistance; workshops on job‐seeking skills; resume mailing service to employers; on‐campus interviewing; and online internship and job listings and occupational and employer information. To utilize UCS, students must be currently enrolled (full-time or part-time) receiving a degree from UNC‐Chapel Hill and must not be in the MBA, MAC, Law, Medical, or Dental programs.

*Students and alumni in the MBA, MAC, Law, Medical, and Dentistry programs are served by separate career offices.

Eligibility Requirements for Alumni Services

If you are a recent eligible graduate with a working ONYEN, you can continue to log in to the UCS website as long as the ONYEN is valid. ONYENs are typically valid for 180 days after graduation. However, due to COVID-19, this restriction will be modified.

UCS alumni services are free for 6 months after graduation to those who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from UNC‐CH (with the exception of alumni from the MBA, Law, Medical, or Dental programs; these students should contact their programs directly).

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