Career Peers

Career Peers

The Career Peers’ mission is to serve the UNC community as a link between UCS and the student body for purposes of outreach and career education. Peers participate in a variety of activities that support the UCS mission and promote personal development among members. 

Note:  Career Peers are unpaid volunteers, and the role requires, on average, 4-6 hours per week.

To apply, simply complete the application form.

What We do

  • Research, create, and present workshops on career-related topics for students in varying settings (UCS, Residence Halls, club meetings, etc.)
  • Partner with counselors for mock interview and resume marathon days throughout the year
  • Strategize and conduct marketing and outreach initiatives and events
  • Support UCS by working at special events including but not limited to the career fairs and meet-ups

Benefits to Participating

  • Give back to UNC
  • Hone leadership and teamwork skills through personal and professional development
  • Build upon communication skills to interact with a diverse student body, professionals and employers
  • Develop career competencies outside of the classroom and stand out to employers
  • Explore career opportunities from an insider's perspective