Parker Dewey Micro-Internships Platform

Watch this UCS-sponsored video to learn more about real UNC students' experiences with Parker Dewey!

Micro-Internships enhance placement rates and help students find the right jobs. Parker Dewey is a free platform that allows students to demonstrate skills and explore career paths across various fields, industries and disciplines. UCS has partnered with Parker Dewey to begin promoting micro-internships to UNC Chapel Hill students. Projects exist for all majors and can incorporate a student’s outside experience/interests learned outside of their major. 

When you are launching your career, finding ways to test out different industries or even get your foot in the door can be challenging, especially without having prior experience. That's where Micro-Internships can help. These short-term, paid, professional projects are open to all college students and recent graduates of U.S.-based institutions. From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you'll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures in a way that fits into your schedule. 

Every project on Parker Dewey is paid a fair per-project rate, so what you see is what you will earn upon completion. Most importantly, Parker Dewey protects you as you'll never have to negotiate pay, send an invoice, or create a contract—all of these details are managed behind the scenes on our platform.

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