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Informational Interview: Human Resources Specialist


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

-Jim Collins

This is why Erinn Wofford- Allen’s job as recruiter/ specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina is so important. As a member of the Talent Acquisition team, she plays a large role in the hiring of new employees. I had the opportunity to talk to her about her experience in human resources and was even able to learn some resume do’s and don’t’s.

Career Peers

Been There, Done That: Using Academic Experience to Land an Internship


I used my study abroad experience and Women Studies’ research paper to get an internship at the Center for Reproductive Rights. While I had studied abroad in Japan, I had taken a gender studies class with an emphasis on women in Asia. I learned that while Japan had one of the best economies in the world, their reproductive health initiatives still need work, especially in granting women accessible birth control access. When I returned, my interest in reproductive rights was strengthened when I took another Women Studies class and was able to conduct a research paper on reproductive health initiatives for women in Japan. I knew that I wanted to continue this research in one of my summer internships while still being able to get law experience. That’s when one of my advisors recommended me for an internship at the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York City.

Career Peers

Tuesday Tip: Navigating Superdays


File 9584Last Friday, I was flown to Atlanta, put up in a four-star hotel and fed at wonderful restaurants. All expenses paid. The catch? This was a job interview.

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Informational Interview: Career Counselor


File 9647As college students, we interact with student affairs professionals all the time. They are an essential part of our Carolina experience, helping us seamlessly weave together the threads of our academic, personal, and professional lives. But have you ever considered getting involved in the field yourself? To kick off Careers in Student Affairs month, I sat down to chat with University Career Services’ very own Christy Walker to talk about her job as a career counselor.

Career Peers

The 5 C’s of Asking a Professor for a Recommendation


So you want to apply to a study abroad program or grad school. Odds are you’ll have to submit at least one letter of recommendation from a professor. Who should you ask to write you one? How should you ask him or her? And what should you do to follow up? Use the 5 C’s below to help with these questions and more:

Career Peers

Tuesday Tip: Utilizing Social Media


File 9584As you begin to search for a new job, internship, or any other opportunities in your career area, you may realize that almost every networking aspect involves the use of social media. Many organizations post listings strictly on their website or LinkedIn, and while the classifieds are still in use, everyone can benefit from utilizing social media to secure your next opportunity.

Career Peers

First Year Friday: 3 Steps Towards Becoming More Involved at UNC


File 9640When acclimating to college life, one of the best ways to make Carolina your second home is to become involved on campus! Whether you are looking for a music group, a campus ministry, or a volunteer outlet, UNC Chapel Hill has it all!

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Been There, Done That: Switching Roles within an Organization


Internships have become increasingly important over the years. They can not only provide you with meaningful experiences, but can also serve as a test drive for a potential career. This means that the internship experience can validate or invalidate a possible career choice.

Career Peers