Building a Campus Relations Program

Building a Campus Relations Program

University Career Services looks forward to assisting employers in connecting with students and developing branding efforts on campus.  There are a variety of ways to help your organization stand out and gain the attention of our students.  If you would like assistance or guidance with any of the services outlined below, please contact our  office at 919-962-6507.

Internships, Summer and Part-Time Jobs

Contact us to discuss work opportunities for undergraduates. This is an excellent way to gain visibility for your organization.

Career Fairs

University Career Services sponsors a number of career fairs throughout the year that allow your organization to meet with a large volume students in a marketplace setting.

Panel Discussions

UCS offers career panels each year on a variety of career topics. Let us know if you wish to participate as a panelist. There are usually representatives from 4-5 organizations who discuss preparation for the career field, typical responsibilities, career paths, etc. Attendance ranges from 20-80 students (open to all levels).

Industry Nights

UCS sponsors informal gatherings that bring together students and professionals to discuss targeted career areas over light snacks. Usually held in the late afternoon, these events have proven very popular with students and professionals. 

Speakers for Campus Organizations

Many student groups seek speakers for their meetings. UCS can assist you in connecting with the appropriate audience for your organization.

UCS Contacts

Please contact Julie Pendergraph if you would like to meet with our director or a member of our staff. We are eager to discuss your needs in promoting your organization.

Faculty/Administrative Contacts

You may wish to meet with faculty members relevant to your needs. Please let us know of your interest in lunch with a faculty member. Or, you may want to schedule a pre-recruiting trip to meet key faculty or administrators. Faculty members are helpful because they may suggest prospective employers to students; they also can provide you with curriculum information. UCS is happy to facilitate your meetings with faculty.


Many employers host an information session prior to their recruiting date to discuss career opportunities with their organization. UCS can assist with scheduling and publicity. If you wish to serve refreshments, many employers use the Carolina Inn (919) 933-2001 or Top of the Hill (919) 929-8676 (opt 3).  You may also use our facility, including a/v equipment, without charge, if our seminar room is available. Sessions run 5-7pm.

Daily Tar Heel

You may wish to advertise your organization's visit and/or presentation in the "Award winning student newspaper with a distribution of 20,000." The telephone number is (919) 962-0252.

Blue & White

You may advertise your organization's visit and/or presentation through placing an ad in the student Blue & White magazine. Please call (336) 971-8449 for details.


The most visible on-campus recruiting method is pre-screening. We encourage you to use pre-screening to increase your prospects for a full schedule as well as to identify the students most likely to meet your qualifications. After making your selections, we suggest that you send e-mail or a letter and recruiting literature to pre-screened students to encourage them to sign up for an interview. In order for us to offer you pre-screening of resumes of interested students, we must receive your information six weeks prior to your scheduled interview date.

Searching for Candidates

Employers with approved Handshake accounts can search profiles of Carolina students who have chosen to make their profile and documents public.  We no longer provide direct resume referrals.