Career Fair Preparation

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Attending a UCS-sponsored career fair is an opportunity for you to explore what you desire in an internship, career or employer. Our fairs give you an advantage in exploring jobs that best align with your interests and connect you with organizations that hire UNC students. While fairs can be intimidating, they don't have to be. Explore this page and the UCS Career Education Resource Library for tips to help you successfully navigate our fairs.

Benefits of attending a career fair:

  • Learn the major(s) and in-demand skills employers seek for informed decision-making
  • Gain application insights directly from employers.
  • Master networking with the mantra, "It's not just what you know, but who you know."
  • Build confidence while sharing what makes you a dynamic hire!

Before the Fair

What should I wear?

  • Attire can influence how recruiters engage with you, so spend time identifying what you plan to wear. Professional attire is encouraged.

How do I know what companies will be there?

  • You can find the employers participating in our fairs on Handshake. Once you've logged in, click the Events tab, and select "Career Fairs at your School." Handshake is a good head start but take the additional step to visit the employers' Handshake profile and website to ensure you are able to match their recruitment needs with your skills and values.
  • Create a list of the top employers you want to engage with at the fair based on your values and theirs, as well as the type of positions they hire.

What other resources are available for career fair prep?

  • Attend UCS-sponsored Prepare For The Fair activities. Visit the Events tab in Handshake to browse our offerings!

Day of the Fair

What do I do when I arrive?

  • When you arrive at the fair, stop by the registration table to pick up your name badge and a map. Take a few minutes to review the map and identify the location of your top employers. You may want to walk around the fair before speaking with recruiters to get the jitters out!

How do I interact with a recruiter?

  • Use the elevator pitch you crafted during our Prepare for The Fair activities and remember to breathe. If a recruiter is speaking with another student, give them space and return to their table if their conversation is running long.

How do I make myself stand out to a recruiter?

  • Listen carefully to what the recruiter has to share so you can match your skills and interests to possible jobs or internships.
  • Ask the recruiter about their hiring cycle and any tips on how to stand out as an applicant.

Should I talk with recruiters from industries outside of my major?

  • Be open to speaking with employers not on your list! You could miss out on a dream opportunity because you weren't open to exploring all of your options.

How do I end the conversation?

  • Ask the recruiter for their business card so you can follow-up with them after the fair. You can also follow up with them on LinkedIn to stay engaged with their company news and job opportunities.

After the Fair

What do I do with the notes I took during recruiter conversations?

  • If you took notes during your recruiter conversation, determine who best aligns with your skills, values, and interests to create a game plan of when you are going to apply for their opportunities.

How do I professionally follow up with a recruiter?

  • Send a thank you email or message via the recruiter's business card information. Thank them for speaking with you and share when you plan to apply for the opportunities they shared with you. Be sure to remind them that you met at the UNC Chapel Hill career fair and the date of the fair. This is important because recruiters travel to fairs regularly and meet people everyday.

What is proper LinkedIn etiquette?

  • First, make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and professional. Send a LinkedIn connection request to the employers you connected with most. You should also follow that organization if they have a LinkedIn company profile.

Spring 2024 Career & Professional School Fairs

January 29, 2024Spring Job & Internship Fair (Day 1)Click HereRams Head Recreation Center
January 30, 2024Spring Job & Internship Fair (Day 2)Click HereRams Head Recreation Center
February 29, 2024Diversity Career FairClick HereGreat Hall, Student Union
March 20, 2024Virtual All Industries Career FairClick HereVirtual on Handshake
March 25, 2024Health Professions Schools Information FairClick HereGreat Hall, Student Union

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