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UCS Micro-Internship Program

Micro-Internships are paid, professional projects that give students a chance to explore a variety of career paths and industries through a short-term engagement. The UCS Micro-Internship Program was created to partner with select employers we currently work with to provide these short-term project engagements to highly-motivated, curious individuals looking to take the next step towards launching their careers. These project opportunities are open to ALL UNC Chapel Hill students, but will be prioritized for students who currently meet any of the following criteria: 1) lack any career-aligned professional experience, 2) belong to a “target student population” at UNC, or 3) participate in a Center for Student Success program.

Note: University Career Services (UCS) defines target student populations as: 1) historically marginalized students, 2) under-served student majors,

Contact Kelsey Williams, Assistant Director of Internships and Experiential Learning for more information.

UCS Micro-Internship Program

Employer-involved experiential learning is a proven method for helping students make better connections between their academic major and career goals. UCS is seeking employers that can provide paid micro-internship projects with a minimum duration of 20 hours (max 40). The cost is $500 for a 20-hour project; and $1000 for a 40-hour project. UCS has partnered with Parker Dewey to facilitate payments to students so that all administrative processes are handled efficiently.


We are seeking projects for students that fall under in-demand Job Functions in today’s “hot” employment market. Companies that have projects in the following areas will be given priority:

  1. Business and Data Analysis
  2. Strategy and Consulting
  3. Project Management
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Sales and Business Development
  6. Customer Service
  7. Research and Design

These projects should be designed so that any student – regardless of major – can:

  • Build a new skill
  • Enhance an existing skill
  • Explore a new job function
  • Explore a company’s workplace culture

Employer Benefits

  • Grow Employer Brand and visibility on-campus
  • Grow potential talent pipeline
  • Upskill students for future career opportunities
  • Promotions in the UCS Bi-weekly Newsletter
  • Promotions on UCS Website
  • Post-project impact reporting plus

Student Benefits

  • Get real-time exposure to In-demand Job Skills
  • Explore Job Functional Roles in real-time
  • Experience workplace culture and professional expectations
  • Network with potential employers
  • Enhance employability and career readiness
  • Improve academic curricular and co-curricular performance
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