Job Market Shows Gains: Are You Ready?

There was news regarding the job market for Class of 2012: Employers expected to hire 10.2 percent more new college graduates this year than they did last year, according to results of a new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Moving to "the big city?"

If you're headed to a large metropolitan area after graduation and want to find other Tar Heels, there are several tools you can use.  One is the new "big city discussion forum" we've created on facebook.  Just "like" the page and start chatting!

Networking group to consider

There are many networking groups in the Triangle.  But, the Triangle Community of Developing Careerists may be the coolest one on the block.  Their February event is a partnership with Brazen Careerist using their "network roulette" program. Sounds interesting!

Turning relationships into opportunities

From the folks at LinkedIn.

Student business cards

A student business card is a critical element for effective networking. Any class year at Carolina can utilize a student business card. This article will tell you more about why.

The truth about networking events

A recent "quick hit" in the Daily Tar Heel paints networking events in a negative light.  But, don't let their light-hearted jab confuse you.  These events can be very useful, whether you're exploring career options or seeking that great internship or job.

Article: All In the Intro

Recently Kelly Cuene a career counselor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison posted a good article titled "All In the Intro" on the site about making an introduction.