Job Search Strategy

Finding that first job after completing your degree takes a lot of time and commitment.  The students who are most successful employ a consistent, but flexible, strategy that involves taking the right actions at the right time. 

Since each job search strategy is dependent upon the specific goal, there is not a "one size fits all" approach that can be taken.  However, some general guidelines apply to nearly every type of job search.

  1.  Every job search takes time, energy and resilience.  The most successful job searches involve consistent action and a determination that isn't hindered by hearing "no."
  2.  Make sure all your documents are pristine.  Difficult formatting or even simple typographical errors can exclude you from consideration. 
  3. Make sure all your documents are customized.  Using the same generic resume or CV for every position is a missed opportunity.  Identify the critical skills for each position and use your resume/CV as a way to demonstrate the best examples of your skills in action.   A targeted resume/CV will always be more successful than a generic resume/CV.
  4.  Job search success is typically spurred on by networking and not just submitting resumes.  Attend networking events, meet-up's,  information sessions and industry panels.  Try to meet as many professionals as possible and tell everyone you know that you're job searching.  Reach out to UNC alums and use electronic resources like LinkedIn to make connections.
  5. Practice your interviewing skills prior to actually needing them.  Too often students scramble to prepare after being offered an interview slot.  Why wait? Take every opportunity to learn how to articulate your experience.
  6.  Don't give up.  Undertaking a job search can be tiring and discouraging.  But, success comes to the individual who can deal approprriately with setbacks and channel renewed energy into the search.

UCS counselors are available to support you at any point in your process, whether you are just beginning to consider your options or are deep into the process.

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