Internship Search Strategy

Obtaining an internship is an involved process, and the students who find the most success are the ones who are diligent and thoughtful in their approach.  A well-formulated strategy will help you achieve your goals.

The mistake many students make is to assume that the process of securing an internship ends when a resume or CV is submitted.  In fact, the process requires many more activities that should begin months in advance of an anticipated start date.  Internship strategies are individualized to each student.  But, there are some activities that should be universal to all searches, including:

  • Researching organizations
  • Customizing each resume and cover letter to the position at hand
  • Communicating with recruiters
  • Attending information sessions, networking events and career fairs
  • Locating UNC students who have interned with the company previously
  • Networking with alums and other professionals within the organization
  • Preparing in advance for an interview
  • Being patient and resilient
  • Speaking with professors in your department

Our helpful handouts below are a great place to explore some of the resources you have to help support you in these activities.

Students are welcomed and encouraged to schedule an appointment with a UCS counselor and/or attending UCS workshops (including our intensive Internship Prep events, which happen once each semester) to assist in formulating a personalized strategy.

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