EDUC 111 Career Exploration

EDUC 111 Career Exploration is designed to expose first and second-year students to career development theories, while providing a framework for exploring and discovering their interests and skills. Course learning includes both theoretical frameworks, as well as tools and resources for making both academic and career decisions that incorporate their individual needs. The course is 1-credit hour and taught during the fall and spring semesters.

Course Objectives: The integration of interactive tools and career resources will inspire students to take ownership of their career exploration process and exposure to career development theories will provide context and structure for decision-making. Students will:

  1. Identify a variety of career development theories and recognize the ways they are relevant to their college experience.
  2. Be able to identify the resources available to help them during all stages of their development.
  3. Build confidence in their career exploration process to meet their individual needs.
  4. Formulate a well-developed plan, with meaningful S.M.A.R.T career goals.
  5. Evaluate career options in relation to their personal goals and interests.
  6. Recognize and apply their strengths in decision-making and in crafting their professional narrative.
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