Career & Major Assessments

Do you need help choosing a major or clarifying a potential career path? Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process. Assessment tools can help you learn more about yourself so you’re able to make more informed decisions on a major and career.

FOCUS 2 (video tutorial) and offer assessments to help you evaluate your options and make informed decisions regarding major and career selection. Both are self-paced, online career and education planning tools. Their self-assessments help you identify your:

  • top work interests
  • values
  • skills
  • personality type

Additionally, they allow you to explore potential careers and majors guided by your assessment results. You can research careers by name, industry, compare occupations side by side, and explore careers based on UNC majors or minors. FOCUS 2 requires an Access code, which is: tarheels. There is no access code for but we do encourage you to create an account.

Try them both for maximum results and to determine, which tool offers the support you need. We like them both!

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