Cover Letters

Cover letters express the interest and fit for the position applying.  The process of constructing a targeted, thoughtful cover letter may feel time consuming, however the payoff is often well worth it.

Cover letters are usually 3-4 paragraphs in length, and should accomplish the following:

  • Capture the reader's attention and help differentiate you from other candidates
  • Identify the internship or job title for which you want to be considered
  • Indicate how you learned about the opportunity (e.g., University Career Services, employee referral, organization website, professional association)
  • Highlight 1-3 qualifications that are related to the internship or job
  • Demonstrate a sincere interest in a particular employer and position

When emailing a cover letter, attach it as a PDF document.

See sample cover letters in the Related File.

To ensure your cover letter is on target get it reviewed by scheduling an appointment with a career coach.

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