International Internships and Study Abroad

Many UNC students have an interest in an international experience, including internships.  While obtaining an international internship can be a challenge, there are many great opportunities to internationalize your Carolina experience. The key is to start exploring resources and opportunities very early.

The number of international internships posted in the UCS system is minimal. However, there are other resources available to assist you in your search for an international internship. GoinGlobal and UniWorld are subscription services that you can access via the links to the right. There are several other recommended internet resources that have been compiled for you.

  • AIESEC is a student organization with a mission to assist with international internships.
  • The Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) offers funding for students to pursue global opportunities such as internships, research, service and less-commonly-taught foreign language training. CGI is UNC’s home for the Fulbright Program, and strongly encourages applications from those who are underrepresented in global opportunities such as study abroad and international internships.
  • The Campus Y presents students with opportunities for committee work, learning opportunities and international travel support.
  • The Study Abroad Office offers some programs that combine an internship with a study abroad experience.
  • Your major department may offer international opportunities.
  • There are many for-profit "international placement" organizations.  Most are entirely legitimate, if expensive, options to consider.
  • Honors Carolina offers semester-long internships as a part of its Study Abroad programs in London, Cape Town, Washington, DC, and Beijing or Shanghai. Honors Global Fellowships are available for self-designed experiences including internships!
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