Career Peer Lissie Rivera



EDUC 211 Career Planning & Job Searching is a 1-credit hour course designed for junior and senior students who are preparing to embark on their post-Carolina job search. Students will learn how to develop the necessary tools and skills required to execute an effective job search, while understanding and applying theoretical concepts related to strengths, adaptability, and resilience in career development. The course is taught during the fall and spring semesters.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The connection between theoretical concepts and practical applications will help students develop and deepen career management skills and learn techniques that can be used in the career development journey. Students will:

  1. Use job search resources on the career services website and other online job sites to identify and apply for internships and jobs.
  2. Demonstrate their values, strengths, interests, and knowledge on career documents (resumes and cover letters), virtually (LinkedIn), and in person (networking and interviewing).
  3. Identify and speak with professionals about their career goals and career opportunities (informational interviews, virtual work experiences, and virtual career fairs).
  4. Understand how they can use their strengths, interests, knowledge, and experiences to develop personal and professional narratives related to career goals.
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