Internship Housing

A challenge for many students related to their internship search is finding housing in the cities where internship opportunities exist, and many students place unnecessary restrictions on their internship search due to housing concerns.  If you are considering an internship in a city not represented in this list, consider contacting universities in that local area, as many open their dorms to visiting interns.

This list, while not comprehensive, gives a good starting point for exploring temporary housing opportunities in various cities across the United States. UCS does not endorse or investigate these resources and encourages students to check thoroughly before paying for any service.



Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Detroit, MI

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN

New Orleans, LA

New York City, NY

Orlando, FL

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR

Raleigh, NC

Seattle, WA

St. Louis, MO

Washington, DC

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