Resumes & Curriculum Vitaes

Resumes and Curriculum Vitaes, also known as CVs, are documents that summarize and highlight education, experiences, and activities relevant to career goals. A well-constructed resume documents skills and helps convince an employer about skills and qualifications for the job or internship. A CV documents graduate research and teaching experience as well as publications and presentations. The resume and CV are usually the gateway to an interview.

Resumes should be:

  • One page to impress prospective employers with what you have learned and accomplished while at UNC, although graduate students' resumes may be longer.
  • A targeted document that helps reviewers clearly see the value you will bring to the organization/program.
  • Updated regularly.

A CV is similar to a resume because it provides an overview of professional and educational experience. The difference between the two primarily lies in content and purpose. A CV is more appropriate for graduate students or professionals applying for teaching and research positions.

To ensure your resume is on target, have it reviewed by scheduling an appointment.

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