Managing Your Success

Career success is often determined by how well we manage relationships with the people we engage with at work, including: colleagues, supervisors, peers, direct reports, clients, customers, etc. 

Now that you have landed your first job, it's important that you continue to grow and develop as a new professional.  Here are a few suggestions:

Establish Yourself as a Team Player

  • Go above and beyond to help your co-workers;
  • Share the credit and responsibility (be it good or bad);
  • Honor your commitments and be accountable for your work;
  • Share in the joy of your coworkers' accomplishments
  • Let petty disagreements or personality styles get in the way of achieving your collective goals;
  • Volunteer for assignments.

Become the Go-To Person

One great way to increase your skills, create job security, and grow your resume is to become an expert in a specific skill or area.  Maybe you're really good at technology or editing.  Perhaps you have a knack for marketing or writing newsletters.  Whatever special skill or talent you have, establish yourself as a go-to person and be willing to share your knowledge.  By adding additional value to the workplace, you become a greater asset to your employer. 

Find a Mentor

As a new professional, you will not always have all of the answers or know the best way to proceed.  A mentor is someone you can turn to for professional advice, guidance, and insight as you navigate your career.  Some employers have internal mentor programs where they match new hires with experienced professionals.  If not, you can create a mentor relationship with any professional whose opinion and knowledge you trust.  A mentor should be someone who is willing to be an advocate for you by providing honest, constructive advice.

Continue to Set New Goals

Just because you have graduated and begun your new career does not mean that you are done challenging yourself.  Set new goals, both personal and professional, to help you maintain momentum and continue to grow. Maybe you want to save $5000 this year, or achieve a certain certification, or complete a triathalon.  Whatever your goals are, continue to challenge yourself during this next phase of your life!

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