On Campus Interviews

Each year a significant number of employers come onto campus to hold interviews with students who are preparing to enter the workforce. We encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities. Even if you are not actually hired through an on-campus interview, the experience in itself can be valuable in preparing you for interviews you may later obtain off campus.

On-campus interviews are open to students and alumni who have an active profile in Handshake. All students who participate in on-campus interviews are responsible for knowing all UCS on-campus interviewing policies.  Applications for on-campus interviews are processed via Handshake.

There are two types of on-campus interviews:

  1. Prescreening allows the employer the opportunity to review candidates' resumes or CVs before coming to campus. Employers select candidates to be given priority in signing-up for interviews. Students interested in an employer may submit their resume or CV for consideration during the submission period, usually three weeks before the interview date.
  2. Open Sign-Up is selected when employers either choose not to prescreen or schedule with UCS too late to do so. There is no resume/CV submission for Open Sign-Up. Qualified candidates may sign up for these interviews on a first-come, first-served basis during the sign-up period for each position.

Important note:  It is each student's responsibility to become familiar with the on-campus recruiting (OCR) policies outlined in the On Campus Recruiting Policies Document under Related Files.

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