Pre-Grad Coaching

Pre-Grad Coaching Appointments

Please schedule a 30-minute Pre-Graduate School Coaching Appointment through Handshake. This appointment type covers graduate school exploration, application support, and gap year consideration. Select either a 30 or 45-minute Mock Interview Coaching Appointment for graduate school interview preparation. All appointments are either virtual on Handshake or in Hanes Hall.

Your QuestionOffice to See First

Who can help me write/revise my application essays?

The Writing Center or University Career Services

Who can help me format/revise my CV/Resume?

University Career Services

Who can help me with a mock interview for graduate school?University Career Services
Big Interview

Who can help me with questions on pre-med and other health-care options?

Health Professions Advising

Who can help me with pre-law questions?

Pre-Law Coaching

General Resources for Finding Graduate Programs to Research

GRE Prep


International Graduate Study

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