Getting Acclimated to the Workplace

Hopefully your first day in your new job will be a positive experience in a fun, welcoming, supportive environment.  Here are some tips on how to make a smooth transition into your new role.

Keep in mind that organizations vary in how they train and orient new hires.  Some will have very structured training programs in place designed to give you a solid understanding of their history, culture, and expectations, while others may take a much more relaxed, hands-off approach.  In either case, your job right now in this initial period is to get comfortable and acclimated.   

Quick Tips:

Take notes during the first few days/weeks

  • Write down peoples’ names/titles/responsibilities
  • Make a list of your questions and follow up during the appropriate time
  • Document important company information, history, key facts.

Introduce yourself to your co-workers

  • Some co-workers may go out of their way to meet you, some may not.  In either case, try to meet as many coworkers as possible during these first few days.  The longer you are at a place, the harder it is to introduce yourself as the “new person”. 
  • Be friendly to everyone!

Don’t assume others’ perspectives

  • When joining a new organization, you do not yet know the history, working relationships, and tensions that may or may not exist. 
  • Give your new co-workers the benefit of the doubt before making any assumptions too soon. 
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