Networking and Social Media

Networking Basics

Networking is a frequently used, often misunderstood, part of the job search process. What does it mean to network? Perhaps the best way to define networking is to start with what it isn’t.

Five Steps to Successful Networking

Networking.  Even reading the word can cause some students to recoil.  But, when done right, networking is nothing more than good conversation.  There are five steps you can take to make networking not only effective, but informative and even fun.

Connecting With Alums

Connecting with UNC alumni can be one of the best approaches to networking.  Members of the Tar Heel family have a lot of loyalty to UNC and are often happy to help students with networking and informational interviewing.

Networking Events

UCS offers 6-8 different Networking Nights or Meet Ups each year. These programs give students an opportunity to meet and mingle with working professionals. 

Social Networking

The use of social media in career-related activities has increased dramatically in recent years.  These relatively-new outlets can benefit you in several areas, including keeping you informed of trends and news, serving as a place to source jobs and internships, and allowing you to expand your network. 

How to Use

Nearly every student uses social networks like Facebook.  But, many of those same students don't realize that a social network exists to do professional networking.