For Graduate Students

For Graduate Students

The processes for career decision-making and job searching are not considerably different for graduate and professional students. What may be different are the types of positions you seek and the resources you use. We have embedded many of these resources into the student menu items to the right. Our resources for writing resumes and cover letters, building a LinkedIn profile, preparing for an interview, to name a few, are useful for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

One issue for graduate and professional students to consider is the industry in which to pursue employment. Job searches in academia have a different process from those in other industries. Many of the resources linked toward the bottom of this page address the differences.

University Career Services’ staff can assist you in any stage of career development, from early career planning to job search skills. See the events section of our website for specific workshops geared to graduate and professional students. We also invite you to participate in our career-specific networking nights and career panels, in addition to our other workshops and events.

Inside Higher Ed, University Affairs, and Vitae/The Chronicle of Higher Education often run articles and advice columns for graduate students and PhDs. UCS’s blog, Career Corner, has helpful articles, many written by UCS staff, with career planning advice. Links to additional articles and resources are available to ONYEN users through our graduate and professional student resource site on Sakai.

We also offer a listserv featuring articles and positions of interest to graduate and professional students.  To subscribe, send an email to with subscribe grad_prof_careers in the body of the email.  You may unsubscribe at any time.


If you need assistance with any aspect of your career planning or job search, please schedule an appointment with a counselor at UCS.