For Graduate Students

For Graduate Students

The processes for career decision-making and job searching are not considerably different for graduate and professional students. What may be different are the types of positions you might seek and the resources that are used. We have embedded many of these resources into the student menu items on this page.

One issue for PhD students and candidates to consider is the industry in which you wish to pursue employment. Job searches in academia have a different process from those in other industries and as such, we’ve created some specific resources for these considerations in the menu below.

University Career Services’ staff is here to assist you in any stage of development from early career planning to job search skills. See the events section of our website for specific workshops geared to graduate students. We also invite you to participate in our career-specific networking nights and career panels as well as our other workshops and events.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your career decision-making or job search, please schedule an appointment with a counselor at UCS or contact  Amy Blackburn in UCS.

See also Professional Development Core Competencies from the Graduate School.