Pre-Professional & Pre-Graduate Advising

Pre-Professional & Pre-Graduate Advising

Select which office(s) you need to visit according to the list below.


PRE-LAW (prelaw.unc.edu):
• Law School


PRE-GRAD (pregrad.unc.edu):

All non-health-care doctoral and masters programs in the:
• Humanities
• Sciences
• Social Sciences
• Including administrative and professional programs (M.Arch, MBA, M.Div, M.Ed, MHA, MPA, MPH, MSW, Ed.D, Psy.D, etc.)
• Programs in Public Health (which have application processes more similar to the other programs Pre-Grad covers)


PRE-HEALTH (prehealth.web.unc.edu):
• Medical (including Allopathic, Osteopathic, and MD/PhDs)
• Dental
• Optometry
• Nursing
• Occupational Therapy
• Chiropractic
• Pharmacy (i.e., PharmDs; PhDs in Pharmaceutical Sciences are covered by Pre-Grad)
• Physical Therapy
• Physician Assistant
• Podiatry
• Veterinary
• Speech Language Pathology
• Acupuncture/ Eastern Medicine
• Athletic Training
• Complementary/ Integrative Medicine
• and any other program that leads to a more clinical/patient-care career with an application process similar to medical school