Professional Job Search

Professional Job Search

Finding that first job after completing your degree takes a lot of time and commitment.  The students who are most successful employ a consistent, but flexible, strategy that involves taking the right actions at the right time. 

Each year a significant number of employers come onto campus to hold interviews with students who are preparing to enter the workforce. We encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities. Even if you are not actually hired through an on-campus interview, the experience in itself can be valuable in preparing you for interviews you may later obtain off campus.

Many employers who are hiring but are not interviewing on-campus request that UCS send them resumes/CVs of qualified students. These requests come from employers of all sizes, including non-profits and those who may not have enough openings to justify the expense of on-campus recruiting.

This may be your first offer for employment that you have ever received, or just one of many in your professional life. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may be trying to compare multiple offers. In either case, it is important to know how to evaluate a job offer.

Dressing for an interview or employer event can be a make or break experience when it comes to your job or internship search.  It is critical to wear appropriate attire to demonstrate your image as a person who respects both the employer and the interview process.