2019 Fall Hours

We are open Tuesdays-Fridays 1-4pm on days that classes are session.  See below for instructions on making an appointment.

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For information on graduate programs, their campus visits, and related events, join one or more of our listservs with your UNC email address:

  • For research-focused programs in STEM areas, click this link.
  • For research-focused programs in the social sciences, click this link.
  • For research-focused programs in the arts & humanities, click this link.
  • For professional programs (generally masters programs that are focused on preparation for a professional field rather than for research), click this link.

Program Description

The Pre-Graduate Education Advising Program advises undergraduate students considering a graduate degree in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and some professional arenas. We help clarify the differences in gaining and utilizing a doctoral vs. a master's degree and what opportunities a terminal degree may offer.  The program is primarily responsible for helping students understand what their next steps are in researching and applying to graduate programs, so that they can move forward independently and effectively.  Our advisors are all current graduate students who can give undergraduates a firsthand sense of the graduate school experience.  Whatever year you are in and whatever stage of thinking about graduate school you may be at, we are here to help you.  We give basic information to the following kinds of questions:

  • How does graduate school differ from undergraduate education?
  • What are some of the advantages of seeking a graduate degree?
  • What are the different kinds of graduate degrees and programs?
  • How do I prepare for the graduate school application process?

Most frequently we help students with:

  • The application process in general
  • Researching and selecting graduate programs
  • The GRE and other admissions exams
  • Application essays
  • Letters of recommendation and building relationships with faculty
  • Gap years
  • Understanding and researching funding options

For students considering professional programs in law or health-related fields, please follow these links for Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising.

While we are happy to help you understand the role that personal statements and resumes play in an application, for assistance with writing your personal statement, you will also want to visit the Writing Center, and for help writing your resume, please visit Career Services.

Please contact Dr. Taylor if you have any questions.

Schedule an Appointment

Each of our advisors is a current graduate student trained to help you find answers to almost any question you may have about graduate study.  Please be aware, however, that the advisor you see may not have expert knowledge of the specific graduate program(s) you may be considering, as there are hundreds of different kinds of graduate programs.

There are many aspects of graduate study that are true across all fields, and our advisors can help you understand them.  Our advisors can also help you identify the specific people who can answer very specialized questions about the field(s) you are considering and the other specific resources you need.  Researching graduate school can be a long process, and we are here to help you map that process out.

To schedule an appointment online, please follow this link and, once logged in, click on "Appointments" in the menu on the left, then click on "Schedule a New Appointment." Scroll down to "Graduate School Preparation/Application," then select the next convenient time for you.   You may also call 919-962-6507 or send an email to and request an appointment with Pre-Grad Advising.

At the time of your appointment, please come to the second floor of Hanes Hall and check in at the main desk.

Drop-ins are always accommodated when possible!

General Resources for Identifying Programs to Research:

GRE (Practice Materials are of Varying Quality):

International Graduate Study:

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